International Student Welfare Program

For students from China studying in the USA

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What is the International Student Welfare Program (ISWP)?

The ISWP is a new China student support program, initiated through selected Education Agents in conjunction with Morneau Shepell – the world’s leading counselling organization which already supports over 200,000 students in the USA.

ISWP is tailored to the unique needs of international students and their parents for pre-departure and on-going support immediately upon the students’ arrival in the USA.

Students and Parents receive 24/7 support in the following areas in their preferred language


Adapting to new Cultures.


Being successful at School.


Relationships with Friends and Family.


Stress, Loneliness and more.

As an Agent, why do I need ISWP?

ISWP provides a point of difference in your service offering. Participating ISWP Education Agents will receive:

Increased Student Success

Students who use the ISWP will increase their chances of being successful because they will be happy and healthy.

Satisfied Parents

Happier parents + more successful students = more referrals and client retention.

Increased Credibility

Endorsed by BOSSA, the ISWP is an innovative and reliable service that will have an immediate positive impact on Agents business’ reputation.

Reduced Workload

With ISWP, Participating Agents will save time and be more effective in providing welfare guidance while the student is on campus.

How does my Agency join ISWP?

Membership to the ISWP is by invite only from Morneau Shepell. Please contact us through the form below for more information.

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